Principle Investigator


Ruian Ke

Assistant Professor of Mathematics
Email: rke dot work at gmail dot com
Brief bio: here

Post docs

Alex Farrell20170512_091253
PhD. in Mathematics, Arizona State University (2017)
Interests: Multiscale modeling of influenza virus infection and the impact of therapeutics.

Graduate Assistants

G. Michael Lavigne
BSc. in Mathematics, Tulane University (2015)
Interests: Mathematical modeling viral infection and interferon response with spatial dynamics.
Hobbies: Mathematician by day, classical pianist by night.

Marco Hamins-PuertolasEMPL_PHOTO_GIYDAMJWG32DMMA=_1
BSc. in Mathematics, St. Mary’s College of Maryland (2016)
Interests: Theoretical population genetics, viral phylodynamics, and applied mathematics.
Hobbies: Soccer, cooking, and listening to music.

Savannah BatesSAMSUNG CSC
BSc. in Mathematics, Jacksonville University (2017)
Interests: HIV infection and latency reversal.
Hobbies: SCUBA diving, spelunking, hiking, camping, and architectural design

Undergraduate Assistants

Ryan Brandt
Program: BSc in Physics and Electrical Engineering
Interests: Pure and applied math,  nanoelectronics and quantum computing.
Hobbies: Studying German, watching German soccer, playing piano, composing for orchestra, and listening to music.

Hayley Russell
Program: BSc in Mathematics and Computer Science
Interests: Pure and applied math, biology.
Hobbies: Playing the French horn, sketching, and watching Disney animated movies.


We maintain active collaborations with theoreticians, biologists and clinicians, to whom we are indebted.

Within the Research Triangle:
Huaiyu Dai (NCSU), David Margolis (UNC Chapel Hill), David McGivern (UNC Chapel Hill).

Outside the Research Triangle:
Chris Brooke (UIUC), Connie Chang (Montana State), Jessica Conway (Penn State), Kai Deng (Sun Yat-sen University), Laura Fabris (Rutgers), Gerardo Garcia-Lerma (CDC), Katia Koelle (Emory).